Fermented Foods

Fermentation - What's the Big Deal?

Simply put, fermented foods are a staple in a nourishing and healing diet.  They fill in the gaps in our traditional Western diets that we've been lacking for over a century.  The process of fermentation unlocks nutrients and probiotics that we can't get anywhere else.

Fermentation is an ancient culinary practice that has been used in almost every culture.  Sadly, fermented foods took a backseat in the past century as industrial civilizations experimented with other food preservation methods.  

Thankfully, fermentation is rising in popularity again, as many people are once again discovering the incredible healing ability these fermented foods offer.  In addition, the artistry of fermentation and the incredible tastes are once again gaining recognition as well.

If you're not familiar with fermented foods, we encourage you to give them a chance.  Try eating fermented foods for 30 days and notice the difference in your digestion, your energy levels, and your overall health.  Fermented foods have brought a new level of health to our family and we know they can do the same for you!


Vincent Family Farm 2016 | FermentedFarmer.com
Family. Farming. Ferments. 

Ten years ago Todd Vincent was an IT Manager in Illinois. Today, Todd and his family are operating a thriving family farm providing fresh milk, eggs, honey, seasonal produce, and a unique variety of fermented foods full of probiotic benefits.  The Vincents work together as a family to provide these nutrient-dense foods to hundreds of people through their C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) in Middle Tennessee.  The Vincents have witnessed firsthand the amazing healing properties of fresh, nutritious food, both in their own family and in dozens of other families that their C.S.A. serves.