Getting the Benefits of Bone Broth - Even In Spring and Summer

Ways to Have Bone Broth in the Summer - Fermented Farmer

The benefits of bone broth are astounding:

  • Broth lines and seals your gut, helping to resolve many digestive issues.
  • It enhances absorption of nutrients in your gut lining, so that your body can actually the benefits of the other healthy foods you're eating throughout the day.
  • The collagen in the broth promotes healthy joints, skin, nails, and hair.
  • Broth is hydrating - it contains powerful electrolytes that can help you stay hydrated.

But I know what you're thinking - the weather is warming up, and drinking hot broth in the summer doesn't seem too appealing.  However, you don't want to let this great practice you formed over the winter months fall by the wayside this spring and summer.  

Here are some great ways you can continue to enjoy the benefits of bone broth in the summer (and some ideas in our video at the end of this post):

  • Cook your grains in broth: When cooking rice, quinoa, buckwheat, etc., use broth instead of water.  Not only will you get the goodness of broth, the broth will take the flavor to the next level.
  • Use broth in all your slow cooker meals:  Any time you're cooking veggies, meatballs, a roast, stews, etc. in your crock pot, add some beef, chicken, or fish broth for flavor and health.
  • Drink a cup of broth in the morning.  Even though it's summer, many of us still enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning.  Replace or supplement that routine with a cup of warm broth.  You'll be starting the day by lining your gut, setting yourself up for maximum nutrient absorption all day!
  • Add broth to smoothies or juices.  Freeze broth into ice cubes and add a couple to your normal smoothies.  The savory taste will actually enhance the sweetness of your smoothie.  Or, add some to your vegetable juice for a new and exciting savory flavor.
  • Make a chilled soup.  There are lots of chilled soup recipes out there.  Check out this recipe for Chilled Zucchini Soup - perfect for using up all that summer squash. 
  • Bone broth... cocktails?  OK, we admit, this one is a little out there, and I personally haven't tried it.  But there's a growing trend of using broth in cocktails.  So, for all you mixologists, here's your new challenge: check out this article for some ideas.

I hope this encourages you to continue with the healthy practice of consuming bone broth regularly, even during the warmer months!